Hello RVR Family,

I am hoping this finds you doing well and staying healthy.

It is a strange time to look backwards. The current times have forced many of us to re-evaluate priorities, ways of working, and living our everyday lives.  

However, looking back is what accountable organizations do to report their accomplishments, promote trust and transparency. My messages to date have been about this year, 2020, but with this communication, let’s look at the Epic Year – 2019. It was RVR’s 20th Anniversary and the first year RVR had an indoor arena at our Afton site! In celebration of 2019, we have created RVR’s first ever Annual Report!

Our Annual Report is a great opportunity to summarize our organization, tell our story and recognize our generous supporters. The purpose of the Annual Report is to look at the relationship between our actions and our impact. Our mission holds strong.

As I look at the growth of River Valley Riders since our inception in 1999, I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve.  The Annual Report is packed full of 2019 facts regarding RVR, our participants, volunteers and donors.

Thank you so much and take care.

Best regards,
Cheryl Holt
Executive Director