River Valley Riders Review

July 2016

Rider Profile - Katie


My name is Katie and I am 29 years old. I have been riding with RVR for 17 years. Horseback riding is a good exercise for me since I do not get out of my wheelchair very much. I look forward to riding Arvid who is my horse every Wednesday. When I started with RVR, I had to have a back-rider because I could not support my body on the horse at all. Throughout the years the instructors have tried to make me strong enough to ride as independently as I can and I phased out having a back-rider. This year's riding season has been very successful - I am achieving my goals of working on my core strength. My goals are not to be readjusted on the horse during my lesson and not to use a pillow for support at all.

Another one of the reasons RVR is important to me is the value of my team members. I have become very close to my team throughout the years - my current side walkers have been with me for about eight years. Our friendships have grown to outside of RVR - we get together to have dinner or ice cream (especially when the weather is hot after riding). They have become good friends!


Horse Profile - Welcome Rio!


Rio is a special 13-year old Missouri Fox Trotting x Tennessee Walking Horse who loves the attention he receives from his riders. He is gentle and calm when helping with lessons at Afton on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Because of his breeding and training, he gaits instead of trotting, making him very smooth to ride. He is owned by Linda Knutson who loves sharing him with RVR! To learn more about gaited horses, please visit these websites for the Tennessee Walking Horse or Missouri Fox Trotting Horse associations.